Peristaltic Industrial Hose and Tube Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps – A lot more than just heavy duty

By design, the peristaltic pump is ideal for the dependable handling of abrasive, corrosive, viscous, high density and high solid content fluids. It thrives...

ResMix order at Southern Water

In 2016 Gurney Environmental has embarked on a programme of ResMix installations across the UK, the first of which has seen a new ResMix...

Pumps for automotive waste

Vehicle manufacturing like any major industrial process has its own unique solids pumping challenges .

Fruity gas demonstrations by Quantitech at AQE 2013

Every attendee at Quantitech’s gas analysis workshop at this month’ AQE 2013 received a free orange. The purpose of the complimentary citrus refreshment was...

Support for biogas monitoring

GEOTECH has recently been discussing the importance of after-sales support options for fixed / continual gas monitoring to highlight to the AD industry the...

Hach-lange, real winner

HACH LANGE reports outstanding levels of success from plants across the UK that have implemented its real-time monitoring and control system WTOS (wastewater treatment...
EloVac® - P

A win-win for the environment and water companies, EloVac®- P, vacuum degassing of digested...

An interview with Ulrich Knörle of ELIQUO - the inventor of EloVac®- P.

Actuators for Chinese refinery

Rotork has received major contracts to supply electric and pneumatic valve actuators and valve gearboxes to Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refinery Co. Ltd. for flow control in its new refinery and petrochemicals complex, one of the largest in China, at Changxing Island in Dalian City .

A powerful source for pneumatic applications

Biogas systems may increasingly rely on leading-edge technology, but don’t overlook the compressed air power source needed to drive them! Bambi produces the most comprehensive,...

Simple answer at YSI

YSI, a Xylem company, has launched a new range of ‘EXO’ water quality monitoring sondes that will radically improve the simplicity, reliability and versatility...
Winn & Coales’ Sylglas Metalfix

Rail journey – Winn & Coales’ Sylglas Metalfix

Hartlepool Borough Council recently experienced problems with corrosion of sea front railings which were exhibiting signs of rusting within a few months of applying...

Tailored valves for refinery

The Rotork Client Support Programme (CSP) has been chosen by the Hengyuan Refining Company Berhad for the asset management of Rotork valve actuation equipment at its Port Dickson refinery .
Viking Johnson has supplied a bespoke high pressure large diameter coupling to Swiss hydroelectric power station, KW Dala AG

Surge Ahead – Viking Johnson supplies Swiss power station

Viking Johnson has supplied a bespoke high pressure large diameter coupling to Swiss hydroelectric power station, KW Dala AG. The coupling (813.9mm OD) was selected...
Lanes for Drains

Head start

Lanes for Drains engineers are using their heads for health and safety with information that could help save their lives now kept on their...

Shimadzu UK launched the LCMS-8080

Shimadzu UK has launched a high-end liquid chromatography mass spectrometer – the LCMS-8080 – which delivers best-in-class sensitivity, high quality data and fast cycle...

Protecting wind turbines

ATLANTIC Wind Services (MCR) of Manchester has recently completed the base foundation, infrastructure and other civil works for a new onshore wind turbine at...

Modular analysis for gases

The Dräger Regard 7000 is a state of the art modular control system for monitoring various gases and vapors. Its flexible expandability ensures long...

Noise check

WHEN 24-hour real time measurement of noise and vibration levels was required by construction firm McLaughlin & Harvey for a building project at Kings...
isolated 48-inch valve plus AUMA 7a

Variable speed butterfly valve

Electric actuator specialist AUMA has supplied leading British valve manufacturer KOSO Kent Introl with an AUMA SEVEN HiMod variable speed actuator and a large GS gearbox

Sponsored content: Mobile tech boosts health and safety

Water conservation specialist Aqualogic has deployed the latest mobile workforce management technology to help locate and manage millions of pounds of water company assets