Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tag: Environmental Audit Committee

Making sense of sewage discharge data

More data is becoming available to help with understanding why so much sewage is being spilled in UK rivers, and fascinating efforts are underway to interpret it and present it to the public in an accessible and transparent format. Envirotec reviews the latest data, tools and what experts believe we can learn.

End of the line for ‘fast fashion’?

In February a group of MPs levelled a critical gaze at the clothing industry, and the rise in cheap, disposable apparel that satisfies an appetite for up-to-the-minute style, but with grave environmental costs .

China, confusion and collaboration: Recycling summit charts progress

The Recycling Association's Quality First Conference, which took place on 17 April, saw over 100 delegates attend to discuss important topics
Recycling bins

MPs recommend coffee cup charge to fund recycling infrastructure

The EAC has called on the government to introduce a 25p charge and for all coffee cups to be recycled by 2023