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Specialist CHP firms deliver big results for local authority AD plant

For the owners of a local authority-owned anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, removing the responsibility for their CHP engines from a single service provider and...
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Ready for biogas – getting gas engines fit for the next decade

Politicians, scientists, and industry stakeholders alike are continuously seeking sustainable energy sources as a contribution to the international efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

UK green gas production doubled in the past year, says ADBA

The UK now has almost 90 plants injecting green biomethane into the gas grid, double the number this time last year, according to a...
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The benefits of drying biogas

Biogas generated from anaerobic digestion (AD) contains a mixture of compounds including water vapour. This is not always considered by those burning biogas in a combine heat and power (CHP) facility.

Managing AD liquors from sewage sludge

Energy self-sufficiency in the water industry is a major incentive behind advanced digestion processes for sewage sludge. But managing high strength ammonia digestate and...

US research aims to advance AD processes for the production of biofuels

A multi-institutional team led by Colorado State University (CSU) has been awarded $5.1 million from the US Department of Energy to try to improve...
Labour has reversed a 2013 pledge to ban food waste to landfill.

Stepping up to the plate

The drive to reduce food waste looks likely to become more intense as the UK seeks to meet its commitment to halve it by...

Firm calls for better incentives for on-site renewable energy for food and drink manufacturers

Anaerobic digestion in the food and drink industry is growing eight times slower than in the agriculture sector; millions of tonnes of waste is...

P2P funding platform secures finance for Nottingham AD plant construction

A firm that was rejected on no fewer than 25 occasions to fund the construction of a new anaerobic digestion plant is now seemingly...

Fertiliser first

Boddington Estates has become the first farm in the county to receive a high quality ‘green’ fertiliser from the county’s local food waste recycling...

Magnetic field boosts biogas production

A magnetic field can help enhance the generation of synthetic biogas, according to new research.

Active Iron solutions for the AD market

OMEX Environmental is supplying a new non-hazardous iron powder product to the anaerobic digestion industry for the minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels in a...

Minister: Resources & Waste Strategy will “require” food waste collections

Investment Minister Graham Stuart MP has said that the government’s forthcoming Resources & Waste Strategy will “require separate food waste collections” to reduce emissions...

Waste gasification plant starts 2nd phase

Aerospace and security firm Lockheed Martin is to proceed with the second phase of the development and construction of a 5MW waste-to-energy plant in...

Webinar: “A new era for waste management infrastructure to deliver net zero and clean...

Local authorities are legally required to introduce separate food waste collections from 2023. The UK government has said AD is the preferred treatment for...

Sponsored content: Leaving room to breathe

Tank breather vents are often overlooked as critical safety assets. The consequences from poorly set, calibrated and serviced assets are potentially dire.

Selective adsorption

A novel biogas purification system is currently under trial in the Japanese city of Kurashiki.
Dr David Kaner

Sponsored Content: The right anaerobic digester for your farm

Dr David Kaner, CEO of Advanced Anaerobics Limited (AAL), writes: There are no new ideas, only old ideas whose time has come.

Domestic digester now more efficient and easy to install, says developer

Tel Aviv-based kickstarter firm HomeBiogas has come up with an improved version of its domestic-scale biodigester, originally launched in 2015. Like its predecessor, HomeBiogas...

Biological support sees plant output double

The operator of a crop fed biogas plant has apparently seen its energy output double in just six months