Saturday, December 4, 2021

Probe helps optimise biogas upgrading

Finnish firm Vaisala has launched a new instrument for off-gas methane and carbon dioxide measurements in the biomethane production process

Monitoring solvent emissions

VOCs are released from industrial activities that utilise organic chemicals such as solvents, as well as from engines and incinerators that burn organic materials and fuels. Both types of application present similar monitoring requirements.

Scientists adapt solar energy technology to detect chemical warfare agents and pesticides

Researchers are harnessing next-generation photovoltaics materials to create a fast, accurate testing mechanism for harmful compounds In a colourful solution to a dangerous problem, Australian...

Pollution sensing is prêt a porter

The notion of a sensitive, wearable gas sensor - equipped to perform environmental and human health monitoring - has been a technological grail for...

Perseverance touches down on the red planet

NASA’s Perseverance rover, launched in July 2020, landed on Mars on 18 February. The Perseverance's mission involves exploration of the red planet's Jezero crater....

Sponsored Content: Water managers demand better, faster data

2020 was an unusual year in many respects, but for OTT Hydromet, one of the more remarkable features of the year was an unprecedented level of orders for water level and flow monitoring equipment.

Sponsored Content: Improving control and yield in gravity thickeners

Instrumentation firm VEGA Controls looks at performance issues that can arise with an aspect of automation that is a popular fixture in the water...

Sponsored content: Versatile gas analysis for a range of industrial settings

Gas Data has been manufacturing and maintaining gas analysis instrumentation for 30 years.

The most reliable air quality monitor?

The refinement and development of the AQMesh small sensor air quality monitoring system over many years, and through numerous global co-location comparisons, have brought a wealth of unique benefits, says the firm.

Sponsored content: Take control of emissions from land reclamation

After decades of neglect, the result of land pollution has reached a level of significance which is now impossible to ignore. Many sites around the world now pose a major hazard for new construction operations and have created a huge clean-up conundrum.

Measuring NOx in combustion

NOx gases are mostly produced by the combustion of hydrocarbons in vehicles and engines, as well as industrial processes such as power generation and cement manufacture. Consequently, NOx measurements are vital to minimise emissions and demonstrate compliance in applications such as engine development, combustion control, emissions abatement, stack testing, and in the development of any products or processes that burn hydrocarbon fuels.

Sponsored content: Instrumentation firm has a memorable year, and not just because of coronavirus...

Despite the bleak, unprecedented Covid-19 cloud that descended upon us all in 2020, Enviro Technology Services (ET) has had a memorable and positive year...

Brighton firm to develop new landfill methane emission monitoring intelligence platform

Environmental sector ICT specialist Recycle2Trade has signed up to the national SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) business support programme, which...

Study proves bits of DNA in seawater correlate to the weight of netted fish,...

New tool will help census oceans from surface to seafloor, monitor fish, track shifting marine life due to climate change, around coral reefs, aquaculture...

Sponsored content: Robust for gas leak first-responders

Environmental sampling and gas and water leak detection equipment manufacturer QED Environmental Systems has announced the launch of the next generation popular METREX gas detection device.
Airflow rotameters

Sponsored content: Why are airflow rotameters so popular?

A rotameter is a flow meter instrument that measures the volumetric flow rate of a gas or fluid. It consists of a tapered tube with a moving internal float. These are sometimes known as mechanical flow meters, gravity flowmeters or variable area flowmeters.
SmartGas 10 sensor

A wide range of gas sensing

Sensors and transmitters expert Omni Sensors and Transmitters has acted as UK distributor and technical partner for world class gas sensor manufacturers Figaro Engineering (Japan) and smartGAS (Germany), for over 25 years.
Los Alamos sensors

Sniffing out leaks

A new study seems to confirm the efficacy of a system for detecting natural gas leaks using sensors and machine learning, with significant potential for allowing automatic, affordable sampling large areas of natural gas infrastructure.
Signal series IV removable screen

Putting gas data in your hands

The technology development team at gas analysis manufacturer Signal Group has announced a seemingly important addition for its Series IV gas analysers – a completely detachable screen.
Manam volcano

Using drones to forecast eruptions

The research at Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea is also improving scientists’ understanding of how volcanoes contribute to the global carbon cycle, key to sustaining life on Earth