Friday, December 9, 2022

“No-code” solution will revolutionise access to satellite data, says firm

Edinburgh-based tech firm Earth Blox says it has demonstrated its ability to provide near-instantaneous cloud powered access and analysis of satellite imagery in a...

CH4nge is in the air? Comparing laser and FID for landfill emissions monitoring

The accurate and effective monitoring of surface methane emissions levels is critical to the safe operation of landfill and waste management sites. However, methane...

Micropollutants under the (electron) microscope: Project reveals drainage detritus

A recent project seems to lift the lid on some of the microscopic material washed into drainage systems by commercial and industrial activity. Environmental...

AQMesh pods measure volcanic emissions

Five AQMesh air quality monitoring pods are currently installed around Keflavic airport in Iceland to monitor gases produced by the nearby volcano at Fagradalsfjall, including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Satellite images prompt felling trees to help peatlands recover

A satellite map technology has seemingly revealed that vast areas of peatlands in Scotland are in such a poor condition that landowners involved in...

New stove emissions regulation sets a minimum standard

From 1st January 2022, a new regulation will impose Ecodesign requirements for solid fuel local space heaters. Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 describes the...

Alphasense joins the AMETEK family

Essex-based gas sensor manufacturer Alphasense has acquired AMETEK, a firm with a global presence in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. Founded in 1996...

Data analytics application helps industry tackle emissions and make the shift towards predictive maintenance

• ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer is a cloud-based data analytics solution for fleet-wide management and optimization of emissions monitoring equipment in highly regulated industries...

Sponsored content: Firm celebrates 25 years of sensor technology development

Alphasense, the UK-based manufacturer of gas detection sensors, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in October 2021 Originally founded by scientist and entrepreneur Paul Gotley OBE...
Solar Xplore

Heated VOC analyser goes portable

Signal Group (UK) has launched a portable gas analyser, the SOLAR XPLORE, which apparently brings the advantages of the firm's Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) technology for VOC measurement to a compact, easily transportable device.

Healthy choices helper?

An emerging class of personal air quality monitoring devices fills a need for people who care about pollution exposure in their immediate vicinity. This level of granularity does make a difference, it seems. Envirotec spoke to Rainer Kiirsk, who helped develop the AirSniffler, a seemingly ground-breaking product for its power consumption and sub- 70 price tag, as well as the usefulness of the software that runs alongside it.
Gdansk VOC detector

Simple setup for VOCs

Simple and accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is promised by a new measurement approach developed at Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. Potential applications include air quality analysis and patient health screening.

Quick characterisation of critical thermal data

Intelligent sensing solutions firm FLIR (part of Teledyne Technologies) has released the latest versions of FLIR Research Studio software.
Protea 200 analyser

Fume faculties

Underpinning the effort to comply with marine emissions regulations is the monitoring of these exhaust gases, and instrumentation seems an indispensable support for marine operators under pressure to make good decisions with respect to things like fuel selection and the specification of scrubber systems. Envirotec asked continuous emissions monitoring expert Protea for insight into the topic.

Multi-gas detector for simultaneous hazard detection

Whether you’re protecting workers or first responders — in industries from steel and wastewater to paper and pulp — Honeywell BW Flex delivers the flexibility you need.

PM and NO2 alerts during demolition

Envirochem Analytical Laboratories is undertaking perimeter particulate and NO2 monitoring for a client in a London district, during the demolition of a disused structure and subsequent construction project.

Sensitive and selective leap

An entirely new class of gas sensor seems in evidence with work recently published in Advanced Materials, which combines a graphene transistor and a customised metal-organic coating.

The light fantastic

A group has discovered a new way to fabricate tiny colour-changing gas sensors using new materials and a high-resolution form of 3d printing, with potential in indoor air quality monitoring and home automation.
Line walking limits

Line walking limits

Most consumers across the world are supplied with gas via local distribution networks which vary in size depending on the country. In the UK there is 280,000 kilometres of pipework; in France 170,000 kilometres and in the US over 3 million kilometres.

City leaders invited to discover benefits of real-time monitoring of GHGs and pollutants

A pilot urban air quality monitoring project is being demonstrated in Glasgow during the COP26 climate change conference. The project showcases a dense network of...