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Technology enables biogas plant optimisation

Environmental measurement firm Vaisala explains how a new in-line biogas monitoring technology enables the optimisation of several processes at plants

Air sampling one-day course

Air sampling expert SKC is offering a comprehensive one day hands-on practical training course

New portable web-enabled particle monitors

Air Monitors has launched a new range of advanced monitors for airborne particulates

Siloxane sentinel

As monitoring firm Safe Training Systems (STS) says, the production of biogas from wastewater AD ticks all the green eco boxes and has few...

Instrument continuously measures the water-soluble gas and aerosol components in air

Metrohm Process Analytics has re-invented its Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in ambient Air (MARGA) instrument as the 2060 MARGA. When considering the effects of...

High resolution ground vibration monitoring system satisfies residential and local authority requirements

Bedford-based AcSoft Sound & Vibration (www.acsoft.co.uk) has recently supplied two Menhir (Modular Enhanced Intelligent Recorder) ground vibration monitors from Semex Engcon to long-standing customer,...

Radon maps don’t show radon levels in a specific building

Indoor radon inhalation kills more people each year (in Ireland) than carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and road accidents combined. Radon testing firm Radonova makes...

Firm launches advanced hydrocarbon gas analysers

Signal Group, the UK based developer and manufacturer of gas analysers, has launched the new ‘SOLAR’ range of fixed hydrocarbon monitors. The SOLAR instruments...

High definition, optical gas imaging camera improves inspection safety

FLIR Systems has announced "the industry’s first high-definition (HD), handheld optical gas imaging (OGI) camera, the FLIR GF620." Designed for oil and gas industry...

Landfill methane detector avoids false readings and cross-gassing effects

A new methane detector is said to be ideal for landfill surface emissions monitoring (SEM). The LANDTEC SEM5000 methane (CH4) detector from Q.E.D. Environmental...

Utility invests in connected gas detection

Yorkshire Water has placed a £1.1m order for connected safety products and services from Blackline Safety, a manufacturer of safety monitoring technology. The order...

Now with CO and NH3

United Electric Controls has announced availability of discounted beta test versions of its Vanguard WirelessHART gas sensors for ammonia (NH3) and carbon monoxide (CO) .

Thermal camera detects methane

FLIR Systems has announced the FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR, its first uncooled thermal camera designed for detecting methane .

VOC monitor for high humidity environments

Gas sensors manufacturer Ion Science has launched a fixed photoionisation detector (PID) with 10.0eV lamp for fast and reliable detection of highly toxic total aromatic compounds (TACs) .

Taking control of on-site emissions

Casella's Guardian2 seems to offer a flexible and cost effective way to get up and running quickly with boundary monitoring of contaminated land .

Government funding for project to supply Africa with electricity from waste

An Earth Observation Innovation team from the University of Leicester is collaborating with UK energy-from-waste-biomass firm PyroGenesys and a number of UK and international...

Quantifying methane leaks and flares from oil & gas operations

Flir Systems reports on how its GF-Series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras can be used by the oil and gas industry to quantitatively measure methane emissions and create a datum point for future methane reduction calculations .

Monitor delivers advanced particulate monitoring for hazardous environments

New real-time monitoring technology identifies multiple particulate sizes at once Trolex, a Manchester-based provider of workplace safety technology solutions to the mining, industrial and tunnelling...

Noise monitoring equipment supplied for London demolition project

Svantek, a manufacturer of high performance noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring applications, has recently supplied four SV 307 noise...

Geo-data specialist supports entire English coastal monitoring network

The recent award of a three-year maintenance contract for the hydrodynamic element of the Anglian Coastal Monitoring programme means that geo-data specialist Fugro now...