Sponsored Content: Low energy mixers make the long haul

Fifteen years since a major UK water utility chose Landia as its framework supplier for anoxic mixers, over 200 of the units continue to work day and night across the region.
Vegamet Vegapuls measuring equipment

A new level for radar?

One of the most significant recent developments in level measurement for containers and tanks is the emergence of a new class of seemingly affordable and high performance radar level sensors. VEGA Controls provides some background on this development and the firm's Matt Westgate answers questions on issues such as the signficance of MCERTS certification for this class of sensor.

Hull enhancement eliminates copper

A Danish biotech firm believes it may have found a way to eliminate copper from ship's paint, replacing it with a more sustainable and biodegradeable alternative: eelgrass acid.

A tank within a tank by CPV

THE latest challenge for tank designers at CPV, the preferred supplier of chemical storage tanks to JohnsonDiversey, saw the design, delivery and commissioning of...

Ocean-dumping for Fukushima wastewater: Japan’s complex decision remains contentious

Japan has ended years of speculation over the fate of radioactive wastewater stored in tanks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant since the 2011...

Ocean appointment: Fukushima water discharge facilities under construction

A coastal facility will dilute and release wastewater from the former nuclear plant at Fukushima Daiichi, beginning in Spring 2023. Not all dangerous isotopes will be removed, notably Tritium.

Small scale energy generation sets the scene for “next generation agriculture”

Describing your technology as "a slurry tank with a lid on" is unlikely to win any marketing awards, but with nine successful farm-based AD...
Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen, Acumen Technical Director Lauren Hill and Acumen's Leon Kirk

Big tank takedown

Specialist waste management and industrial site services provider Acumen has been awarded the project to decommission the South Bank Wharf Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Tank Farm at Teesworks. The project will create 20 new jobs.

A sustainable alternative to Portland cement for corrosive applications?

Sustainably produced concrete mixtures from mineral residues and waste materials could partially replace Portland cement-based concrete in the future, especially in application environments prone...

Tanks specialist expands into pipework

Balmoral Tanks has expanded into the pipe arena with the acquisition of Servomac Ltd, the Chesterfield-based pipework specialist, for an undisclosed sum.

Lining system safeguards against ‘future fuels’ leaks

Asset resilience specialist Adler & Allan has added TankTechnic Lining Systems to its portfolio of tank services. Providing targeted corrosion prevention for tanks that...

Taking the pressure off

The humble storage tank remains a stubbornly profligate emissions source, even in this day and age, but this hasn't gone unnoticed. Operators are coming under pressure like never before to get leakage issues sorted.

£4.28 million flood defences go underground, overground in London parks

A £4.28m award-winning flood defence project in Southwark, South London, is combining above and below-ground temporary flood storage to create a pioneering solution at...

Forbes spends again to keep pace with demand

TWO years after building a new manufacturing facility in the Borders, tanks firm Forbes Technologies is investing again. The company’s main manufacturing plant is at...

Tank maker wins fast growth award

Camplas Technology Ltd have been awarded the prize for the fastest growing manufacturing company in Wales for trebling their production of Camplas SUPERTANKS...
WITH current UK market conditions favouring anaerobic digestion plants for sustainable power, a West Yorkshire company has responded by bringing to the UK what it claims is the “most advanced and efficient German design of tank system”.

‘Light years ahead’ – BCI brings German design to UK

WITH current UK market conditions favouring anaerobic digestion plants for sustainable power, a West Yorkshire company has responded by bringing to the UK what...
Specialist composite steel panels will provide airtight fire separation between different processing areas.

Fire walls enhance safety at Essex waste treatment facility

COMPOSITE panel specialist ISD Solutions has been contracted by Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) to provide state of the art fire walls and compartmentation for...

Making a case for the sustainability of precast concrete

Correct storing and handling of liquids prompts all kinds of important questions, including the choice of construction materials. If it’s concrete, then should it...

Pump expert unveils novel on-farm AD plant protector and biogas booster

Described as a one-step biogas optimisation solution, the WANGEN X-UNIT from anaerobic digestion (AD) pump specialist Agrico is said to protect AD plants from...

New tanker to ease South West septic tank woes

In a nod to the septic-tank-emptying problems being encountered by many in Cornwall and Devon, waste management company CSG is announcing its investment in...