Sponsored Content: Peerless processing

On the website of tomato producer Guy & Wright (established 1918), the company's self-description includes the legend: “being complete idiots; building our own AD plant.” The story below expands on the designation.

Tanks and Vessels project complete

Sponsored content: Tanks and Vessels have just fabricated 7-off vessels for one of Europe’s largest chemical manufacturing companies.

Sponsored content: Versatile cloud solution for real-time dust and noise measurement

When it comes to minimising both dust and noise, monitoring can play an important role, as instrumentation firm Svantek explains. The firm introduces a...
Lanes Group's East Anglian depot team

Sponsored Content: Team delivers on East Anglia drainage

A new leadership team at Lanes Group's East Anglian depot combines fresh outlooks and operational experience to impress customers and win new contracts.

SPONSORED CONTENT: Water jetting safety and quality get a training boost

More hands-on refresher training and digital technology are among improvements being made to water jetting courses to help contractors enhance the quality and safety of services they deliver.

Sponsored Content: Why Solar Panels are Crucial to Reach Net Zero

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the impact of human activity on the environment, and the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in order to combat climate change.

Sponsored content: Power to the vehicle – EV chargepoint installation service launches

(Words: The Darcy Group) Listen very carefully and you can hear a quiet revolution taking place on roads across the UK, led by a growing...
The HRS Unicus Series of scraped surface heat exchangers are well suited to thermal hydrolysis

Thermal hydrolysis boosts biogas production

Thermal hydrolysis is a two-stage process combining high-pressure heat treatment of the feedstock followed by rapid decompression.

Sponsored content: Covid shines light on efficiency in water asset management

With the global Coronavirus crisis coinciding with the start of AMP7, what is the current state of play, and how should water companies prioritise their spending and investment in the circumstances?
Velda Close Kirkley Stream

Sponsored Content: A faculty for facing down flood risk

T-T Pumps was enlisted to design, supply and install the equipment to meet the demands of the Lowestoft flood risk management project.
Prince of Wales Bay Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade

External heating units upgrade wastewater plant

A new sludge heater supplied by HRS Heat Exchangers has formed part of an upgrade to one of Tasmania’s most important wastewater treatment plants.
Arvia Technology machine

1, 4-dioxane removal from water for global life sciences company

Regulations for the use of 1,4-dioxane tightened up in the US, putting pressure on chemical manufacturers. Several US states passed laws to control the concentration of 1,4-dioxane as a product ingredient. The new laws did not yet affect wastewater concentrations, but it seems a foregone conclusion that this would happen.

Sponsored content: ABB technology to help tackle methane leakages from orphan oil and gas...

ABB’s emissions monitoring technology, which is typically used for gas leak detection by oil and gas companies and natural gas utilities, is now employed...

Sponsored content: New generation of ecological degreasers and oil spill clean-up products now available

T&T Eco has brought together a number of innovative ecological cleaning & degreasing products for Bioremediation as well as the cleaning up oil spills and other hydrocarbon contaminated surfaces
Gas monitor

Sponsored content: Visualising the invisible – Umicore shines a light on gas sensors at...

Many industries operate in hazardous environments. From oil and gas mining, refineries, and utilities, to food production, shipping and construction, exposure to harmful gases is common and there is a host of reasons for wanting to monitor colourless gases, as Umicore writes.

SEEPEX innovative pump solutions power sustainable sludge treatment at Thames Water

Sponsored content: Thames Water owns and operates Basingstoke Sewage Treatment Works. This regional sludge treatment centre processes sludge from various locations in either liquid or cake form.
TE Sewpas

Sponsored Content: Pulsed airlift sludge transfer

Te-Tech has introduced a new generation of pulsed airlift units, and says its clients are seeing the benefits of the technology over conventional progressive cavity pumps for transferring primary and secondary sewage sludges.

Puraffinity, the PFAS Removal Specialist, raises $13.9m in Series A funding led by Octopus...

Sponsored content: This investment allows Puraffinity to scale up its operations and transition from being an R&D focussed organisation to being a full commercial entity.
photonic solutions for environmental monitoring

Revolutionizing environmental monitoring with photonics

Sponsored content: In a world grappling with unprecedented environmental challenges, cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way we understand and safeguard our planet...

atmosFIR CEM now has HF approval and has lowest MCERTS certification range for HCl...

This article contains paid for content produced in collaboration with Protea. Protea’s atmosFIR CEM has been certified under EN 15267-3 for HF and has had...