Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tag: Imperial College London

Biogas facilities at an agricultural site in the Czech Republic.

Leakier than we thought

A new analysis seems to reveal that the supply chains for biogas and biomethane leak twice as much methane as previously thought.

Spore circumspection

A new study led by Imperial College London appears to find that drug-resistant mould is spreading from the environment and infecting susceptible people's lungs.

Taming the black gold

Researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Toronto believe they have developed a sustainable and economical way to recover oil from ultra-cold industrial wastewater and oil spills
IAEA inspecting Fukushima water tanks

A contamination conundrum

An early April announcement that Japan will proceed with its "dilute and discharge" plan for disposing of radioactive wastewater at Fukushima may well be contested in the courts
drinking fountain

Drinking fountains a success in London

Public drinking fountains are being widely used and could be contributing to a reduction in plastic bottle usage across the city according to data from the #OneLess campaign .

UK sizes up leading role in CCUS

Plans to deploy Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) in the UK appeared to make important strides in December

Project aims to establish feasibility of solar-powered rail

Imperial College London and climate change charity 10:10 have teamed up to investigate the viability of using track-side solar panels to power trains, it...

Pigeons: The latest recruits in the fight against air pollution?

IT almost sounds like the random suggestion of an improvisational comedian, but no, it seems real enough. A high profile campaign running for three...