Monday, December 5, 2022

Measuring multiple particle sizes

Instrumentation firm TSI recently introduced an air quality monitor equipped for simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 particulate matter, in addition to temperature and relative humidity

Microplastics from textiles damage lung cells, finds study

Microplastics from textiles may inhibit the lung’s ability to repair damage caused by conditions such as COVID-19, according to research findings released on 24...

Air and noise quality study will help inform Oxford City’s future environmental policy approach

Researchers at the University of Birmingham and University of Oxford have secured £207,000 funding from the Natural Environment Research Council to investigate the impacts...

Monitoring the health effects of slate and tile cutting

When working with slate and tiles, certain construction activities are known to produce high levels of crystalline silica dust which, if not monitored and...
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Getting off-track with PM

When it comes to minimising road transport’s impact on the environment, an enduring theme seems to be: Fix one thing and another problem pops up elsewhere (maybe even because of one of these so-called solutions).
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Combo extends coverage at lower cost

Air quality measurement firms Aeroqual and Met One Instruments have expanded an existing partnership to offer a combination of reference and near reference particle monitors in a single integrated air monitoring package.

Bespoke dust win

A large UK manufacturer was required to monitor airborne particulates in and around its paint shop, and to automatically raise visual and audible alarms when potentially dangerous conditions arise

Managing dust risks at quarries

In the following article, Josh Thomas from instrumentation specialist Ashtead Technology, discusses the risks associated with dust at quarries, and highlights the vital role...

Sorex Sensors launch first dust sensor based on film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology

The University of Cambridge spin-out has launched its first product based on its seemingly breakthrough sensor technology

Study links fine particles to death rates

Exposure to toxic air pollutants is linked to increased cardiovascular and respiratory death rates, according to a new, international study

Keeping out noxious air and particles

ODS Environmental is offering cab air quality systems that maintain a slightly elevated pressure level inside the cab, preventing any air from entering

Setting boundaries

n recent months Casella has launched an improved version of its Dust Detective Enclosure, which the firm believes will make an impact in short-term boundary and environmental monitoring in both indoor and outdoor environments

Intrinsically safe dust monitor launches

Many workplaces include areas with explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres, and a high proportion of these zones contain risks associated with particulates

Water-thrifty units trap toxic particles

Generac Mobile Products has unveiled the latest addition to its DF Ecology range, which is claimed to reduce dust and consume less water than many competitor offerings .

Time to get serious about dust?

More nuisance than health risk, in traditional thinking, but no longer. Dust has been driven up the safety agenda in recent years, not just in construction. Envirotec reviews recent thinking on the topic .

Monitor delivers advanced particulate monitoring for hazardous environments

New real-time monitoring technology identifies multiple particulate sizes at once Trolex, a Manchester-based provider of workplace safety technology solutions to the mining, industrial and tunnelling...

Why monitor dust in the workplace?

By Josh Thomas, Ashtead Technology

Flexible and future proof gas detection

Ashtead Technology has announced that the TSI Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitors in its fleet of particulate matter (PM) monitors have achieved MCERTS approval. "As...

Workshop focuses on dust protection

Ashtead Technology, TSI and the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) recently collaborated to deliver a workshop focusing on the environmental and safety hazards presented...

“Perfect timing” for Air Quality and Emissions event

AQE 2017 will take place in Telford (UK) on 24 and 25 May at a time when the health effects of air pollution are...