The rise of smart water

It's a multi-billion-dollar (per annum) market, explains Dr Mikael Khan, business development manager with consultancy firm Aqua Enviro.

DNA sequencing helps explore fish diversity but lacks pinpoint accuracy

Environmental DNA (eDNA) sequencing is allowing scientists to explore piscine diversity in the Amazon without catching fish, but the approach has its limitations when studying environments as diverse as this.

Instrument-lite assay

A technique has been demonstrated that allows users with camera phones to track the health of aquatic microorganisms, seemingly allowing water quality to be appraised within minutes.

Big data.. Opportunity or needless complexity?

Water security can be defined as the availability of a sufficient quantity and quality of water to sustain livelihoods, health, socio-economic development and ecosystems. Water managers need timely access to reliable, insightful, defensible data, but with the volume and speed of data now available, will existing data infrastructure be able to cope?

World’s lakes losing oxygen rapidly as world warms, says study

Oxygen levels in the world's temperate freshwater lakes are declining rapidly - faster than in the oceans - a trend driven largely by climate change that threatens freshwater biodiversity and drinking water quality.

Pulling water out of the air: Tel Aviv study yields potability suprise

In a seemingly first-of-its-kind study, researchers found that water generated from the air in the heart of an urban area, the city of Tel...

Measuring oil contamination in soil

Petroleum hydrocarbons in soil continues to be an area of interest for scientists as they are the most common contaminants that are toxic to...

Testing for halogens in wastewater will soon become mandatory

SciMed, a UK distributor of lab equipment, gives a brief rundown of what's required. There are a number of AOX/TOX regulations in force, for example,...

Sponsored content: Data loggers aid wastewater sampling compliance

At 600 sites across the South West of England, wastewater samples are collected, transported, stored and analysed with the help of robust and easy-to-use Tinytag temperature data loggers.

Registration opens for ‘virtual’ WWEM and AQE 2021

Long-established fixtures on the environmental monitoring calendar, both AQE (Air Quality & Emissions) and WWEM (Water Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring) events will take place...

Poisonous legacy

Arsenic in wells in Connecticut may be a legacy of past pesticide use on orchards, illustrating the extent to which toxic substances can linger in the ecosystem decades after they were first used.

Pilot plant for recycling plastic lab waste is a UK first

A pilot plant on the University of Bath campus is said to be able to recycle up to 60% of plastic lab waste, to...

£2 million contract for final effluent monitoring in Scotland

Meteor Communications has been awarded a multi-year shared framework agreement by Scottish Water for the provision of multi-parameter wastewater quality final effluent monitoring. The...

Why and how to visit the Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference 2022

The Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference will take place on 18 May 2022, hosted and organised by Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), an independent UK...

New AI-driven tools for environmental intelligence

A new suite of environmental intelligence software from IBM leverages AI to help organizations prepare for and respond to weather and climate risks that...

Scotland’s Covid-19 wastewater monitoring programme extended until March 2022

A project to monitor Covid-19 by measuring its genetic footprint in wastewater will continue for another year after an additional £2.3 million of funding...

Death in a cold climate

Canada's first human decomposition laboratory in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, is using scientific sampling and analysis equipment designed and manufactured by Bridgend-headquartered Markes International. The company explains how the equipment is being used.