Sponsored Content: Danati Fire & Safety improves investigation time with Tiger VOC detector

Danati Fire and Safety is a leading investigator of fires and explosions covering Southern Africa. Their staff regularly use ION Science’s Tiger VOC detectors to help find organic chemicals that may be the source of a fire.

Sponsored Content: Ashtead Technology partners with Gas Data to expand analyser fleet

Responding to a growing demand for portable, ATEX-certified environmental monitoring equipment, Ashtead Technology has announced a new partnership with Gas Data. The deal will significantly expand the range of applications for which Ashtead is able to offer gas monitors for either purchase or rental.

Sponsored Content: Major WWTW project sees Gen-C upgrade six biogas engines in an industry...

Gas engine upgrading specialist Gen-C is working with service provider WB Power Services (WBPS) to upgrade six biogas combined heat and power (CHP) engines at wastewater treatment sites across the north of England

Sponsored Content: Reflections on a decade of sensing

Gas sensor manufacturer DD-Scientific writes: In 2011 we had a site comprising a single building, and were offering sensors for only six gas types and two package sizes, with a team who would be outnumbered on a football pitch.

Sponsored Content: Flow meter accuracy is critical to biofuel production

Titan Enterprises’ OEM customer Green Fuels has been involved with advancing biofuel technologies - expected to be an important contributor to the global net zero target.

Sponsored Content: Trials show new PFAS adsorbent outperforms current methods

Trials have been undertaken by two independent institutions, using a next generation PFAS adsorbent media developed by Puraffinity, the London based science materials company.

Sponsored Content: Reducing your carbon footprint with heat exchangers

Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers, writes: The biggest efficiency benefits of heat exchangers come about when they facilitate the reuse of as much thermal energy from a process (such as heating, cooling, pasteurisation, evaporation, etc.) as possible.

Sponsored Content: Proprietary tech for affordable clean air

Anua Clean Air UK writes: We are a specialist in the field of biological air and biogas treatment, an established leader in the fields of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement primarily based on our proprietary biofiltration and bio-scrubbing technologies.

Sponsored Content: How can heat pumps save the planet?

Lead generation specialist Leads writes: Arguably, the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions is home heating and the use of fossil-fuelled boilers. This doesn’t just include natural gas, but with 1 in 4 homes using oil and 1 in 3 using electric heating, there is a vast amount of CO2 entering our atmosphere that could be avoided (nearly 4 tonnes per year to be precise).

Sponsored Content: Sealing expert marks birthday

Winn & Coales International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of corrosion prevention, waterproofing and sealing products, is celebrating its 140th Anniversary.

Sponsored Content: Sensors help optimise growing conditions underground

Zero Carbon Farms runs a microgreens salad and herb growing operation in former WWII air-raid shelters in Central London. Through its sustainable growing and on-site packaging practices, and its supply to local retailers and restaurants, Zero Carbon Farms has exceeded its zero carbon footprint. In 2021 the firm secured "Carbon Neutral Plus" status.

Sponsored Content: top tips for wastewater process optimisation

Amidst spiralling costs for energy, fuel, chemicals and just about everything else, there’s never been a better time to optimise your wastewater treatment process. Let’s take a journey through a typical site to identify areas where savings can be made.

Sponsored Content: Does TOC represent the future of wastewater analysis?

Measuring the organic content of wastewater is an essential process for assessing contamination levels, environmental trends and water purification methods. To deliver the required insights, however, labs must be able to rely on efficient, consistent and high-quality analytical methods.

Sponsored Content: Custom wedge gate valves

Valves expert T-T Flow writes: When there was a requirement for custom wedge gate valves to facilitate the transition to new metric pipework at a major water treatment works, T-T Flow stepped in to provide the perfect solution that would also maintain the ability to isolate flow.

Sponsored Content: More demand for complete system solutions

By Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers

Sponsored Content: The first-ever insurance for buildings that is driving water efficiency

Data collected from across 5000 buildings by Belgian company Shayp reveals that one in three buildings is leaking, accounting for over 20% of a building’s total water consumption on average.

Sponsored Content: Bespoke project completed

Tanks & Vessels have recently completed these 7-off, stainless 316, internal coil process vessels, which were fabricated bespoke for their customer in the chemical sector. From initial concept to final delivery their expert in house design and fabrication team have manufactured these vessels bespoke, to spec and on time to the customer’s project timeline.

Sponsored Content: Standalone, ceiling-mounted ionizer for improved indoor air

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced the air-e, its first stand-alone, ceiling-mounted nanoe™X generator. The air-e has a low power consumption and is ideal for a wide variety of applications where indoor air quality is a priority, including for installation in hotels, schools, care homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants, homes and more.

Sponsored Content: “Laser-focused on net zero”

Mark Naples, General Manager at Umicore Coating Services writes: Laser absorption spectroscopy is a powerful tool for detecting trace gases and has been widely used in the monitoring of atmospheric greenhouse gases, pollution, and respiration processes, including human breath analysis. The detection is based on the absorption of light when it propagates through a medium.

Sponsored Content: Industrial safety award-winner showcases success

OBW Technologies is a leading national provider of portable and fixed gas detection instruments and solutions, based in Ireland. Over the last 10 years, says the firm, they have brought together a team with the best minds in gas detection using the best technology to advise their clients on all aspects of their fixed and portable gas detection requirements.