Heat exchangers used on Zero Liquid Discharge system

Sponsored content: Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) treats liquid waste streams, converting them into clean water (which can be reused) and a minimum volume of solid residues...

Corrosion protection system used on bridge gas pipe

Sponsored content: In 2013 Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd. supplied their Steelcoat 100/400™ System to protect a gas pipe on the Craigavon Bridge in Derry City...

Easy-dose trace element tablet plus ‘best for British’ grass silage additive

Sponsored content: A revolutionary easy-dosing 5-in-1 trace element digester additive and a brand-new silage additive designed to get the best biogas output from British grass...

New water treatment technology for organic pollutants

Sponsored content: Arvia developed and refined a unique next-generation water treatment process, called Nyex Rosalox™, designed to target and destroy persistent organic pollutants. 

Sponsored content: ABB technology to help tackle methane leakages from orphan oil and gas...

ABB’s emissions monitoring technology, which is typically used for gas leak detection by oil and gas companies and natural gas utilities, is now employed...

Tanks and Vessels project complete

Sponsored content: Tanks and Vessels have just fabricated 7-off vessels for one of Europe’s largest chemical manufacturing companies.
Photograph of AUMA employee operating machinery in field

Sponsored Content: AUMA commit to continued fast-track actuator delivery

AUMA Actuators Limited - part of the global AUMA Group - based in Clevedon, south of Bristol, holds a comprehensive range of electric actuators and component parts for various applications for call-off from stock - from variable speed to underwater and remote mounted solutions.
A completed SeaShield 70/80™ System application at Duddon Estuary, with the inner petrolatum tape application shown inset.

Sponsored Content: Anti-corrosion coating seals submerged gas pipeline work

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd.’s SeaShield 70/80™ System was recently utilised during maintenance works on a National Grid pipeline in Cumbria.
A dual-pass Monashell installation.

Sponsored Content: Proprietary technologies for affordable clean air

Anua Clean Air UK writes: We are a specialist in the field of biological air and biogas treatment, an established leader in the fields of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement primarily based on our proprietary biofiltration and bio-scrubbing technologies.
Dr David Kaner

Sponsored Content: The right anaerobic digester for your farm

Dr David Kaner, CEO of Advanced Anaerobics Limited (AAL), writes: There are no new ideas, only old ideas whose time has come.

Sponsored Content: Sensitively sniffing out VOCs

Danati Fire and Safety is a leading investigator of fires and explosions covering Southern Africa. Their staff regularly use ION Science’s Tiger VOC detectors to help find organic chemicals that may be the source of a fire.
Te-Tech has installed units at the Chipping Camden STW.

Sponsored Content: Advanced oxidation technology installed at sewage works

Te-Tech Process Solutions has installed and integrated te-ion™ advanced oxidation technology to suppress sludge bulking at Severn Trent Water’s Chipping Campden Sewage Treatment Works.

Sponsored Content: Deal expands range of ATEX-certified gas monitor fleet

Ashtead Technology has announced a new partnership with Gas Data, expanding the range of applications for its gas monitors (available for either purchase or rental).

Sponsored Content: A novel design for the measurement of gas fluxes

A better understanding of fluxes of climate-relevant gases is required to inform climate change studies and enable better management of ecosystems to mitigate their climate impact.

Sponsored Content: Not your average chopper

P&M Pumps writes: Come and get your hands on the real mean machine – visit P&M Pumps Ltd on stand D107 at the World Biogas Expo, the leading global trade show dedicated solely to AD and Biogas on 29-30 March at NEC Birmingham.
Rising energy prices have significantly reduced the payback periods for energy efficient heat exchangers.

Sponsored Content: Heat exchangers can enhance energy savings

By Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers

Sponsored Content: What Will the Future of Boilers Look Like

Boilers have long been the system that many UK households use to heat up their homes. Dating all the way back to 1868, boilers have been a part of most UK homes.

Sponsored Content: Why Solar Panels are Crucial to Reach Net Zero

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the impact of human activity on the environment, and the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in order to combat climate change.

Low-cost digester additive for nitrogen-rich AD feedstocks

Sponsored content: To better support biogas plants processing high levels of nitrogen-rich feedstock, AD experts FM BioEnergy will launch a new low-cost version of their ammonium inhibitor digester additive on Stand C109 at the World Biogas Expo 2023.

Sponsored Content: Danati Fire & Safety improves investigation time with Tiger VOC detector

Danati Fire and Safety is a leading investigator of fires and explosions covering Southern Africa. Their staff regularly use ION Science’s Tiger VOC detectors to help find organic chemicals that may be the source of a fire.