OMEX Active Fe

The taming of the stew

Following a high market demand for OMEX Environmental to supply a product that would help overcome all issues associated with traditional hydrogen sulphide deterrents, but also provide an effective solution for the hydrogen sulphide as a problem itself, the firm launched the Active Fe range.

Not-so-clear and present danger

The unfolding furore over sewage dumping seems to have mobilised political will in a way that observers suggest might be "game changing".
Blockage detecting equipment in sewer

IoT sensors monitor sewage

Better protection of sewage infrastructure is the intended result of recent investment in Scottish Water's intelligent asset base, according to the utility.

Comment: Dreaming the possible – data and the future of water

Experts in digital transformation set out how they believe advancements in data are playing a vital role in revolutionising the water industry. As...
Rainforest in Latin America

Global appraisal

A new study looking at the presence of pharmaceuticals in the world's rivers has found concentrations at potentially toxic levels in more than a quarter of the locations studied.

Rainwater is no longer drinkable thanks to PFAS, say researchers

A perspective article by researchers from Stockholm University and ETH Zurich, published in August in Environmental Science & Technology, suggests that environmental contamination by...

Sponsored Content: Purifiers remove microplastics and PFAS

Independently verified research by Swedish water technology firm Bluewater has apparently verified the efficiency of its water purifier technology at removing up to 99.99% of health threatening microplastics and chemicals such as toxic PFAS from tap water.
HRS systems components connected by ethernet

Sponsored Content: The future potential of process control systems

Thanks to developments such as Industry 4.0, digitisation, and the cloud, together with improvements in process control and communication technology, it is easier than ever for equipment manufacturers to offer remote assistance and monitoring.

Water challenge presents opportunity for cross-sector innovators

Innovators from multiple sectors including energy, manufacturing, transport and food and beverage, could have the opportunity to share their condition monitoring solutions with every...

Water industry event discusses opportunity for hydrogen

Green hydrogen - and how the water sector can engage with this ‘green, clean fuel source’ - was the focus of a recent webinar...

Instrument-lite assay

A technique has been demonstrated that allows users with camera phones to track the health of aquatic microorganisms, seemingly allowing water quality to be appraised within minutes.

Q&A: Delivering holistic solutions to solve water challenges

To tie-in with BlueTech Forum 2022, Kamakshi Sharma, director of marketing and strategy for water technology company Aquatech International, shares her views on data-driven...
Duc Toan Nguyen

Floating house concept earns students place in global disaster preparedness competition

A team of students from Coventry University have developed a concept for a house that can float whenever a flood approaches and shelter people for at least six weeks during catastrophic weather.

Firms achieve first drinking water spray lining in AMP7

Morrison Water Services, a part of M Group Services’ Water Division, is working in partnership with Yorkshire Water to deliver a drinking water...

Harnessing data to meet alarm system standard

Water company telemetry systems generate thousands of alarms each day, with the risk of control rooms becoming overwhelmed and missing critical alerts ever present....

Q&A: Connecting water technology and its potential impact

With water undergoing a transformation, industrial end-users are increasingly embedding sustainable solutions within their operations. Snehal Desai, chief growth and sustainability officer at Evoqua...

Comment: Water in the US – a decade of turbulence

As technology and innovation consultancy Isle celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its presence in the US water market, Cristina Ahmadpour, Isle president and...

IoT satellite-based LoRa program and white paper launch

Mobile satellite services provider EchoStar Mobile has launched an early adopter program for pan-European satellite-based LoRa® Internet of Things (IoT) services and a white...

Disinfection added to treatment works on river Wharfe

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection measures have been added to Yorkshire Water’s treatment works at Draughton and Beamsley to help improve water quality at the designated...
Geolux radar technology station

Radar boosts flood analysis in Rwanda

Hydrology monitoring expert Geolux has provided technology being used to monitor the flow of mountain rivers in Rwanda - frequently a source of flooding that has in recent years devastated the region.