Azzuro CEO/President Bonno Koers (left) with ACWA Group Managing Director Gary Jackson

Eastern promise for emissions control partnership

A new partnership aims to provide advanced Biological Emission Control Systems to organisations in the Middle East. Odour control company Azzuro is joining forces...

Gas-detection specialist launches high-temperature sensor which provides H2S detection for oil and gas installations...

To support the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, Crowcon has developed a high-temperature hydrogen sulphide (H2S) sensor to work alongside its...

SEPA enquiry at Nigg treatment works

SEPA has launched a public enquiry into operational activities at Nigg Waste Water Treatment Works in the Torry area of Aberdeen, it was reported...

Scraping a living

ODOUR reduction is one of the tasks for sludge handling technology installed at a Thames Water sewage works in London. The water company has invested...

Managing a highly charged matter

Edenbridge based CSO Technik, a firm offering engineered solutions to environmental pollution problems, provides a rundown of the key issues to consider when safeguarding...

Why use biological products?

Dr Chris Charles, Wastewater and Water Treatment specialist at Genesis Biosciences – the first company to develop and manufacture its own microbial and antimicrobial cleaning products – discusses the benefits of using biological products as an alternative solution to tackle odour issues in the wastewater and water treatment industry

Odour management tips shared at one-day conference

A one-day conference on 25 September will explore the range of practical techniques available to help with odour management .

Dispersion modelling expert

AIR quality specialist Gary Wilson has joined environmental firm SLR Consulting as an Associate in its Shrewsbury Office. Gary has over 8 years’ experience...

Firm gains accreditation for odour sampling

Specialist odour consultancy Silsoe Odours has been awarded UKAS accreditation for its odour sampling, giving its customers full confidence that sampling results will meet...

Using analytics to manage wastewater and odour issues

Australian water utility SA Water has recently spoken about its trialing of a custom analytics platform as a means to manage real-time data from its wastewater network

Flexible, gas-thrifty odour abatement for food processor

Babcock Wanson has supplied a regenerative thermal oxidiser for poultry supplier Moy Park’s Grantham, Lincolnshire facility. The project involved the design, construction, erection...

Modelling tool boosts mitigation

Australian environmental managment technology firm Envirosuite has entered into an exclusive agreement with the University of Queensland that will see the SeweX modelling tool for wastewater management embedded into its wastewater solutions, and this will seemingly drive significant improvements in corrosion management and the mitigation of problems like odour.
The traditional aerated system

A load of pig manure?

Researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have created a novel system for treating the wastewater from pig farming, traditionally an intensely odiferous undertaking.

High performance and low cost odour solutions

Anua Clean Air UK is an established leader in the fields of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement primarily based on its patented biofiltration and bioscrubbing technologies.

Tackling odour issues in wastewater treatment

Dr Chris Charles of Genesis Biosciences discusses the use of biological products for this purpose.

Biosciences firm wins major cleaning award

WELSH biosciences firm Genesis Biosciences has won a UK cleaning award
worker analysing water treatment

Stench symposium

The online conference "Practical Experiences of Odour Management" will be hosted by environmental consultancy Aqua Enviro on 15 June.

Thames Water odour control framework deal

Odour control specialist Hibernia has signed a major services supply contract with Thames Water that includes supply to two of the largest wastewater treatment...

Why use Venturi ejectors for tank aeration?

Venturi aeration is said to provide a relatively simple aeration option in systems requiring additional power and regular maintenance.

Bespoke sludge thickener blends into background and controls odour

A low-profile sludge thickener has been designed so that it is virtually invisible in its surrounding rural landscape