A Common Baseline

The revised European Standard for Olfactometry, EN13725:2022, was published in March, the first significant update of the standard in 19 years, according to odour consultancy firm Silsoe Odours, one of the contributors.

Drawing together diverse data

Airsense Analytics GmbH and PCA Technologies Srl have developed OlfoSense, a  tool that can be used to create a network for odour leakages monitoring...

Managing a highly charged matter

Edenbridge based CSO Technik, a firm offering engineered solutions to environmental pollution problems, provides a rundown of the key issues to consider when safeguarding...

Streaming air quality data over the web

A live demonstration took place at the recent Freescale Technology Forum - hosted by embedded systems specialist Freescale - of the use of machine-to-machine...

Tackling odour issues in wastewater treatment

Dr Chris Charles of Genesis Biosciences discusses the use of biological products for this purpose.

New flue solution for VOCs

A green technology for eliminating odorous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their by-products has been developed by a group from the Korea Institute of...

Liquid-phase hydrogen sulphide sensor speeds identification of odour causes

A new sensor from miniature sensors expert Unisense measures hydrogen sulphide (H2S) dissolved in wastewater. This enables utilities and consultants to find the root...

Technology firm wins smart city odour monitoring deal in Kuwait

Environmental management technology firm Envirosuite has picked up a contract to provide a city-wide odour monitoring and management system in Kuwait

Sifting smell distortion data

Sudden smell and taste loss has become a well-known symptom of COVID-19. However, some people have also woken up to discover that their usual beloved coffee odour has been distorted and now smells like garbage or rotting meat, a condition known as parosmia.

Aerial appraisal

Researchers from Spain have engineered a portable electronic nose that they suggest is almost as sharp as the human nose when it comes to sniffing out the problem odours of wastewater treatment plants.
Azzuro CEO/President Bonno Koers (left) with ACWA Group Managing Director Gary Jackson

Eastern promise for emissions control partnership

A new partnership aims to provide advanced Biological Emission Control Systems to organisations in the Middle East. Odour control company Azzuro is joining forces...
Air Spectrum Environmental Ltd is now providing a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with one of the world’s top manufacturers of odour sampling and analysis equipment.

The full Spectrum – Exclusive deal for Midlands expert

Air Spectrum Environmental Ltd is now providing a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with one of the world’s top...
Odour pollution

What’s that smell?

Duncan Mounsor explains how the science of smell can aid environmental monitoring. ODOUR pollution might sound less serious than other forms of environmental contamination but...

Sponsored Content: Misting cannons added to dust and odour control hire fleet

Ideal for sites with limited water availability the new Dustfighter AIO from Envirogard comes top-mounted to its own IBC. 

Using analytics to manage wastewater and odour issues

Australian water utility SA Water has recently spoken about its trialing of a custom analytics platform as a means to manage real-time data from its wastewater network

The nose that everyone knows

Seemingly significant strides with the miniaturisation and performance of olfactory sensors have been reported by researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and...

Interest remains high in odour reduction method for post-consumer plastic recycling

Last year Austrian plastic packaging and recycling specialist Starlinger introduced its technology for odour reduction in post-consumer plastic recycling, and since then it has...

Taking containment to the next level

Paul Marsh reviews some recent developments in odour management for AD plants LOCAL resident complaints and planning application refusals have highlighted the potentially malodorous influence...

Revision of European standard for olfactometry promises increased rigour

A new revision to the European Standard for olfactometry, EN13725, promises to increase the consistency and rigour underpinning odour measurement, with implications for issues...
Scientist at Genesis Bioscience

Using probiotics to tackle odour

Katie Edwards, R&D scientist at Genesis Biosciences, explores the causes of malodour in the workplace and offers her thoughts on biological odour neutralisers