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Odour nuisance is one of the most difficult issues facing many sites today. When a complaint is made, it’s essential that a reliable and representative air sample is taken as quickly as possible.
potato processing

Pong appeasing potato processing

Following an installation two years ago of Landia Chopper Pumps and a Landia Aeration System, wasterwater management firm MSE Systems is set to install a further three units for one of the UK’s leading suppliers of potatoes.

Why use Venturi ejectors for tank aeration?

Venturi aeration is said to provide a relatively simple aeration option in systems requiring additional power and regular maintenance.

Comparing aeration and biofiltration for odour impact

A study of two wastewater treatment plants in Cordoba, Spain evaluates the odorous impact of the technologies deployed in each.

A Common Baseline

The revised European Standard for Olfactometry, EN13725:2022, was published in March, the first significant update of the standard in 19 years, according to odour consultancy firm Silsoe Odours, one of the contributors.

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A specialist in high-performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement, Anua Clean Air UK offers products drawing primarily on its proprietary (and patented) biofiltration and bioscrubbing technologies. The company has the exclusive world-wide branding and patent rights to Monashell, Monasfil and CrumRubber technologies.

A belt and braces approach to H2S

Gas monitoring expert a1-cbiss offers a few thoughts on hydrogen sulphide emissions: The problems they present, how best to monitor them, and how such...

Ammonia and SO2 added to fast-install sensor range

CROWCON's next-generation XgardIQ gas detector can now be fitted with sensors for the detection of ammonia or sulphur dioxide, in addition to the existing...

Tackling smells with clever chemistry

BIOSCIENCE company Genesis Biosciences has developed odour control technology for the facilities management industry which it suggests offers an advance in effectiveness compared to...

They‘ve got a nose for business

AN environmental monitoring specialist has been appointed to take odour samples at composting sites which will be tested using the latest sensory testing techniques...

Novel chemical dosing appears to remove stink from anaerobic digestion

Researchers from the University of British Columbia recently announced a solution which they suggest dramatically reduces the odours produced from subjecting wastewater to anaerobic digestion.

Bespoke sludge thickener blends into background and controls odour

A low-profile sludge thickener has been designed so that it is virtually invisible in its surrounding rural landscape

Flexible, gas-thrifty odour abatement for food processor

Babcock Wanson has supplied a regenerative thermal oxidiser for poultry supplier Moy Park’s Grantham, Lincolnshire facility. The project involved the design, construction, erection...

Odour monitoring dashboard demo

A US biennial conference called Odors [sic] and Air Pollutants took place in late March in Portland, Oregon.

Pong preferences puzzle piece

What smells we like or dislike is primarily determined by the structure of the particular odour molecule. A collaborative study seems to show that people share odour preferences regardless of cultural background.
Azzuro CEO/President Bonno Koers (left) with ACWA Group Managing Director Gary Jackson

Eastern promise for emissions control partnership

A new partnership aims to provide advanced Biological Emission Control Systems to organisations in the Middle East. Odour control company Azzuro is joining forces...

Biosciences firm wins major cleaning award

WELSH biosciences firm Genesis Biosciences has won a UK cleaning award

Gas alarm system protects waste treatment staff

A chemical waste treatment plant in the UK has installed a monitoring and alarm system to generate alerts when hydrogen sulphide concentrations reach levels...

Animation showcases biogas analyser

Instrumentation specialist Geotech has produced an online animation to publicise its BIOGAS 5000 portable analyser, showing how the device can be used in applications...
Air Spectrum Environmental Ltd is now providing a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with one of the world’s top manufacturers of odour sampling and analysis equipment.

The full Spectrum – Exclusive deal for Midlands expert

Air Spectrum Environmental Ltd is now providing a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with one of the world’s top...