Saturday, December 4, 2021

Why use biological products?

Dr Chris Charles, Wastewater and Water Treatment specialist at Genesis Biosciences – the first company to develop and manufacture its own microbial and antimicrobial cleaning products – discusses the benefits of using biological products as an alternative solution to tackle odour issues in the wastewater and water treatment industry

Fresh start anticipated for Aberdeen WWTW

Scottish Water has confirmed it will take back ownership of four treatment plants in the north-east of Scotland

Microbiologists set sights on landfill bacteria

Scientists at the TSU Biological Institute have launched a research project aimed at better understanding the bacteria behind waste decomposition

Technology firm wins smart city odour monitoring deal in Kuwait

Environmental management technology firm Envirosuite has picked up a contract to provide a city-wide odour monitoring and management system in Kuwait

Study day offers up-to-date guidance on odour management

Specialist odour consultancy Silsoe Odours is offering a one-day course on odour management on 31 January 2019. It is seemingly the only CPD-Certified odour...

Gas-detection specialist launches high-temperature sensor which provides H2S detection for oil and gas installations...

To support the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, Crowcon has developed a high-temperature hydrogen sulphide (H2S) sensor to work alongside its...

Bespoke sludge thickener blends into background and controls odour

A low-profile sludge thickener has been designed so that it is virtually invisible in its surrounding rural landscape

Novel chemical dosing appears to remove stink from anaerobic digestion

Researchers from the University of British Columbia recently announced a solution which they suggest dramatically reduces the odours produced from subjecting wastewater to anaerobic digestion.

Why use Venturi ejectors for tank aeration?

Venturi aeration is said to provide a relatively simple aeration option in systems requiring additional power and regular maintenance.

Odour monitoring dashboard demo

A US biennial conference called Odors [sic] and Air Pollutants took place in late March in Portland, Oregon.
Scientist at Genesis Bioscience

Using probiotics to tackle odour

Katie Edwards, R&D scientist at Genesis Biosciences, explores the causes of malodour in the workplace and offers her thoughts on biological odour neutralisers

Liquid-phase hydrogen sulphide sensor speeds identification of odour causes

A new sensor from miniature sensors expert Unisense measures hydrogen sulphide (H2S) dissolved in wastewater. This enables utilities and consultants to find the root...

Two-stage system tackles sludge thickener odour issues in Poland

A case study article looking at the odour abatement solution developed for a sewage treatment works in Poland Poznan is Poland’s fourth largest city with...

Space…the final frontier!

Pollution solutions provider CSO Technik was recently approached by Morgan Sindall Grontmij, working on behalf of Yorkshire Water to assist with an odour problem...

Interest remains high in odour reduction method for post-consumer plastic recycling

Last year Austrian plastic packaging and recycling specialist Starlinger introduced its technology for odour reduction in post-consumer plastic recycling, and since then it has...

Thames Water odour control framework deal

Odour control specialist Hibernia has signed a major services supply contract with Thames Water that includes supply to two of the largest wastewater treatment...

Scottish Water Horizons fined for Cumbernauld odours

Scottish Water Horizons Limited was fined £26,000 at Airdrie Sheriff Court on Monday 10 October 2016 due to offensive odours coming from its Deerdykes...

Gas alarm system protects waste treatment staff

A chemical waste treatment plant in the UK has installed a monitoring and alarm system to generate alerts when hydrogen sulphide concentrations reach levels...

Drawing together diverse data

Airsense Analytics GmbH and PCA Technologies Srl have developed OlfoSense, a  tool that can be used to create a network for odour leakages monitoring...

SEPA enquiry at Nigg treatment works

SEPA has launched a public enquiry into operational activities at Nigg Waste Water Treatment Works in the Torry area of Aberdeen, it was reported...